Star Wars Action News

Episode IX: The Corellian Shuffle

aka Two Funerals and a Family Affair

The News Team returns from their assignment on Corfai, bring the bad news of Daro’s death…

  • Upon arriving back at the Holo-Magazine offices, the team is introduced to the medical droid that has been hired to prevent further deaths: CB-83. Jones takes an immediate dislike.
  • The Team attends Daro’s funeral. Jones takes the death of his friend especially hard and gets black-out drunk.
  • The Editor-in-Chief needs the group to infiltrate the Black Sun group on the Rubicund Eye to collect intel for a story he is writing.
  • To gain the favour of the Black Sun, the News Team attempts the Corellian Shuffle, an in-system smuggling run designed to be a test for new recruits.
  • Despite a few minor astrogation hiccups, and trouble with pirates, the Team finishes the Shuffle with an impressive time gaining an audience with the Vigo on the Rubicund Eye.
  • Kara takes down a Pirate Starfighter by using the entire (disguised) News Van as a weapon.
  • Forced to leave their ship afloat in open space, the Team is delivered to the Rubicund Eye aboard a Black Sun freighter.
  • They have only the short freighter ride to the station to develop a plan to get Freya to a computer terminal where she can begin to slice her way to the information they need.

Achievements Gained



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