Star Wars Action News

Episode X: Secrets of the Rubicund Eye

I Need a Doctor! Is Anyone Here a Doctor?!

The News Team arrives on the Rubicund Eye with a plan… well… 12% of a plan…

  • Communicating with hand gestures and written notes to avoid any possible bugs or wires, the team forms a plan while they wait in an empty room on the Rubicund Eye station.
  • Somewhere, a Black Sun Vigo is in transit to the station to meet the Hotshot Smugglers the Team has made themselves out to be.
  • CB-83 synthesizes a virus to make Freya appear to be sick so she can stay in the room and slice her way into the Eye’s network.
  • It works a little too well, becomes contagious, and Task fall prey to the new virus’ symptoms.
  • Claire, Kara, and Jones escape the room and the virus.
  • While Claire heads off to alert the Black Sun gangsters that the room needs to be locked down, CB works on creating an anti-virus.
  • Dr. Zhivan, a creepy Givin mob doctor, accompanies Claire back to the room in order to confirm the threat of the virus.
  • Kara, Claire, and Jones wander off in search of the canteen, food, and an excuse to scout the station.
  • They get lost, and lose Jones, in the process, before being confined to the canteen by Oso Vardok, the gangster who appears to be in charge in the absence of the Eye’s Vigo.
  • An unexpected second visit from Dr. Zhivan leads to Freya scrambling to hide her slicing gear, and CB inducing Task to vomit and creating a scene that would force the Givin to double back for an Enviro-Suit.
  • CB alerts Claire and the others that the doctor needs to be delayed. Claire sneaks out of the canteen to distract him with an emergency injury that Kara has “sustained”
  • Kara decides to sell their story by stabbing herself through the hand with a knife. It is incredibly painful.
  • Claire doesn’t reach the doctor in time, leaving Kara with a knife in her hand and CB-83 to manage the growing pile of lies and half-truths.
  • The doctor has grows suspicious when Claire bursts into the room breaking quarantine. He radios to the Station security team.
  • The security team arrests Jones and a poorly bandaged Kara.
  • CB, Task, and Freya decide the doctor can’t out them if he’s unconscious and launch a desperation volley of stun blasts.
  • In an attempt to sell their new story that doctor’s suit ruptured and he came down with the same “virus” as the others, CB-83 decides to medically induce a coma in the Givin.
  • Kara needs a doctor.

Achievements Gained

You Must Unlearn What You Have Learned.

He’s No Good to Me Dead!

Your Weapons, You Will Not Need Them.


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