Star Wars Action News

Episode XI: Escape From the Rubicund Eye

Spacewalks and Glop Grenades

The Jig is up, the Black Sun Doctor is in a coma, Kara has a poorly bandaged hole in her hand, and the guards are coming for the News Team…

  • Claire makes a run for it and hides in an air duct.
  • Nobody believes CB’s lies and he ends up on the ground with a boot on his neck.
  • Jones decides that “TIME’S UP” and shoots one of the guards.
  • Freya leaps into action and blast-knuckles guard number 2.
  • Number 3 tries to make a run for reinforcements but is laid low by Kara and Jones.
  • Freya rushes her slicing and find the location of the drives holding the information they are after. The group decides it is easier to just steal the drives rather than try to hack them.
  • Hallways and gunfights ensue.
  • Jones glops the server room to immobilize the techs inside.
  • CB attempts to save one of the glop suffocating technicians, but something goes horribly wrong.
  • More Black Sun Thugs show up, launching smoke grenades into the server room.
  • Jones uses one of his last glop grenades to seal the door shut, and Claire leads the team into the air ducts.
  • Using Jones’ final grenade to glop the duct shut behind them, the team drops into the station’s hanger bay.
  • Kara (with Freya) and Task steal starfighters to retrieve the News Van from where they left it adrift in space.
  • Kara takes a moment to blast one of the remaining fighters in the bay.
  • The rest of the Team fends off guards while the don space suits and jump out of the bay to safety.
  • Claire’s First Kill.
  • It turns out Claire, Jones, and CB aren’t so hot at maneuvering space suits.
  • Reaching the News Van, Kara and Freya must spacewalk, suitless, from their fighter to the airlock of the freighter.
  • Kara shouts “EXHALE” and the ejects them both from the fighter, using the depressurization to fling them to the airlock.
  • Nobody dies.
  • The News Van rushes back to the Rubicund Eye to rescue the rest of the team, with Task in pursuit in the second fighter.
  • A brief dogfight occurs and the rest of the News Team is recovered.
  • As they make the jump back to Tralus, Freya discovers that the data logs they recovered point to the location of the plans for a Secret Imperial Battle Station, THE DEATH STAR.



Kara 2
CB-83 2
Task 0
Claire 3
Jones 2
Freya 3


Kara 0
CB-83 0
Task 3
Claire 0
Jones 0
Freya 0


Glop All Day and All Night


spopp spopp

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