Star Wars Action News

Episode XII: All the Emperor's Men

Journalism, Paper Shredding, and Impending Unemployment

The News Team returns to Tralus to deliver holo-drives containing the location of the Death Star plans…

  • Arriving at POINT Magazine HQ, the team finds the office is busy at work shredding and wiping files. The general atmosphere is one of controlled panic.
  • The sensitive information is handed over to the Editor-in-Chief who explains that he has been working with the rebellion and that the magazine will be under heavy Imperial scrutiny once he is gone.
  • The Team is told that a cover story has been created for them, and that as far as anyone is concerned they were contracted out to Galactic Geographic a week ago to follow a certain Captain Bahha in his search for a new species of Star Whale and “weren’t anywhere near the system when the location of the plans was stolen.”
  • The team, now jobless, must decide whether to find Captain Bahha to complete their cover story, or disappear into the shadows of the galaxy. The Editor gifts them the News Van to help them escape.
  • While they decide they also go about destroying any trace of information that might blow their cover.
  • Task decides to steal the stuffed MegaBear and borrows a repulsorsled from shipping.
  • Upon realizing that the now-stuffed Bear wouldn’t fit in their ship, Task opts to just steal the repulsorsled.
  • CB decides to wipe his computer by blasting it.
  • Deciding to travel to Tatooine in order to find any spacers who might know the whereabouts of Captain Bahha, the teams jumps into hyperspace, leaving their homes behind.
  • Arriving two week later above Tatooine, the Team witnesses a diplomatic cruiser being attacked and captured by a Star Destroyer.
  • The cruiser launches a single escape pod. The Team scans it but, noticing it contains no life signs, decides not to investigate and heads towards Mos Eisley instead.


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