Star Wars Action News

Episode XIII: Tatooine Manhunt

...introducing Rocket & Bolts: Galactic PIs

The News Team arrives in Mos Eisley…

  • The News Van is parked in Docking Bay 53 and the team buys a few rooms at the Mos Eisley Inn
  • Asking around the streets of Mos Eisley, the team hears rumours of a Commander Tallon that might have been an old comrade of Captain Bahha.
  • Jones notes that the only Commander Tallon he has heard of died in the early days of the Empire. The team decides to investigate further.
  • Kara and Freya are attacked by bounty hunters in the market. The rather inept Hunters fall pretty quickly, but succeed in spooking the team.
  • Freya, Jones, and Task decides to head to Wuher’s Cantina to look for any leads that might help them find the supposedly dead Commander Tallon.
  • Jones is distracted by a Lumguzzling contest and Task by an attractive, and flirtatious, Chiss named Jaxa. Freya continues her attempts to listen into conversation without them.
  • Jones loses the competition. As penance, Freya steals his wallet and pistol.
  • Kara and Claire head to the local government offices to inspect the public records for leads.
  • CB decides to speak with local shop owners, and finds a potential lead in a speeder salesmen, but needs money for bribes and claims his “owner” will be along shortly.
  • Kara and Claire return to the group at the Cantina.
  • Freya attempts to listen in on some suspicious looking Mercs, she hears them mention “The Commander”, but they spot her listening in and quickly exit the Cantina. Kara decides to follow them.
  • Claire spots a Bounty Hunter recruiting others and pretends to be a hunter looking for work. The Hunter mentions that another Hunter named Kast is leading a group into the Wastes tomorrow to look for someone named “Tallon”
  • Kara tracks the Mercs to a speeder, which they use to speed out of town. She then goes to meet with CB.
  • Jones, excited by the prospect of CB having to pretend he is owned by Jones, meets up with the droid to bribe the speeder salesman.
  • Jones ends up buying a 4000 credit speeder, but also discovers that a large number of Bounty Hunters have been buying up speeders and that it is likely that Old Arno, one of a group of oldsters who arrived on Tatooine shortly after the time of Tallon’s supposed death might know where to find him, but he is out in the Dune Sea until tomorrow.
  • Still at the Cantina, Freya uncovers another lead: a Devaronian information broker named Labria.
  • The Team regroups at the Inn and decides their next move: meeting Labria at the Cantina when he is supposed to regularly show his face there in a few short hours.
  • Kara overhears a group of locals discussing the death of another oldster named Heff, and decides to look into whether he was connected to Old Arno. CB-83 decides to join her.
  • The Galactic Private Investigator team of Rocket & Bolts is born.
  • Kara and CB (Rocket & Bolts) meet with Heff’s granddaughter, a young Lepi named Tebbi.
  • Kara convinces Tebbi that Heff’s death was a part of a galactic conspiracy and Tebbi tells them that they found a small dart in Heff’s neck. Likely Bounty Hunters were involved and now the only oldsters from Arno’s group left alive are Arno and Slag Flats.
  • Meanwhile, Freya, Jones, Task (and Jaxa), and Claire head to the Cantina to find Labria.
  • They find a group of Bounty Hunters assaulting the Devaronian in a nearby alley.
  • Freya leaps into action, but crackshot Jonesy brings all three Hunters down, shooting the last one out of the sky as he tries to escape.
  • Labria is greatful for the timely rescue, and offers to take the Team to meet his boss, Slag Flats, at first twilight that night.



Kara 1
CB-83 0
Task 0
Claire 0
Jones 3
Freya 1


Kara 0
CB-83 0
Task 0
Claire 0
Jones 0
Freya 0


Rocket and Bolts!!!

Rocket and Bolts!!!


spopp spopp

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