Star Wars Action News

Episode I: The First Assignment
Bolas, Breath Masks, and Base Camps.

The new hires meet at Tralus News 1 and are sent off to cover a science story in Hollowtown on Centerpoint Station.

Jones – The old, cynic of a beat writer.
Claire aka Betty Bothan – newly hired journalist, former intern.
Task – Chiss survivalist, hired to make sure the writers don’t die in the wild.
Daro – Former war photographer, settling in for a life less shot at.
Kara – Corellian Pilot, drives the news “van”.

  • The team agreed to help the Scientists at Hollowtown carry their scanner to the top of Peak 6 in return for an interview.
  • Kara climbs on things not meant to be climbed on.
  • They bought up every breath mask the base camp had to keep the Talus Action News team from scooping their story.
  • Vynocks attacked
  • Task attempted to bola the Vynocks, having lost his blasters on Tatooine. This did not go well.
  • They pulled it all off, with a few Vynock carcasses to trade in as a bonus.

Quote of the game: “Did you only buy one pair of bolas?” “I only had a few credits!”

Episode II: Underground Journalism
  • A Selonian tribe opened its tunnels to the press for a day. The team investigates on behalf of Tralus News 1
  • Trying to find the conspiracy in a benign assignment leads to the team being trapped in backwater tunnels by a cave-in.
  • The team is not great at climbing.
  • Jones kills a poor, herbivorous cave-worm by suffocating it with a glop grenade.
  • But not before the acidic drool of the worm blind Betty Bothan (aka Claire)
  • Some redneck Selonians show them the way out.
  • the team agrees to keep most of this quiet, even though Daro got some pretty sweet pictures.

Quote of the Day: “Do we have health insurance?”

Episode III: A Day at the Races
Illegal Swoop Races? Just Another Day on the Job.
  • The team gets re-assigned to POINT: the Twin Worlds’ alternative travel and lifestyle holo-magazine.
  • First assignment: profiling illegal, gang-run, swoop races in the wilds of Corellia.
  • It’s Kara’s time to shine.
  • Task thinks he might shine too. In fact, he’s willing to bet on it.
  • Kara and the gang leader Sunny Bounder wager pink slips. The only problem? Kara’s swoop is a rental. The Wookiees in accounting probably won’t be happy if she has to expense that.
  • Kara wins by a landslide. Task loses all his chips betting on himself.
  • Sunny won’t hand over the keys. Decides to get violent instead.
  • Turns out a starships blasters trump a few gang members.
  • Kara sneaks away with Sunny’s bike.

Quote of the Day: “I’m going to walk over to her and tell her to give me my damn bike!”

Episode IV: A Case of Mistaken Identity
Kara rides a dewback.
  • Jones and Daro are stuck in deposition because of the illegal swoop racing story
  • Kara, Task, and Claire head to the Gus Treta Inner System Market Station in search of a story.
  • Eavesdropping around gets Claire and Kara into trouble with the local spacers. Kara is forced to start a barfight to cover their escape.
  • Investigating rumours of Exotic Sentient Smugglers, Jedi Rebels, and Salver-targeting Assassins leads the team to the local Black Market.
  • Kara chats with a small-time street meat merchant, D’Bla.
  • Claire opts to talk to a Ryn “entrepreneur”. The Ryn objects to her questions about his “dancing girls” and tries to get his muscle to add her to his menagerie.
  • Kara rides a Dewback, but first she has to break it free.
  • Someone gets trampled to death and the Ryn books it.
  • The team heads to module 7G on a tip from D’Bla looking for smugglers.
  • They find dead bodies instead, then get mistaken for the deceased by a Gormo the Hutt’s right-hand-droid and given an invitation to meet with the Big Ol’ Slug.
  • Their meeting is disrupted by some Gamorreans looking to unionize.
  • The team agrees to investigate a mine owned by Gormo in exchange for not being held responsible for the death’s of the smugglers.

Quote: “Do you get involved in the fight with the Gammoreans?” “No, I’m just going to hide behind this pillar in the corner until it’s over…”

Episode V: The Case of the Dastardly Droid
A funny thing happened on the way to the mine.


  • After picking up Daro and Jones, the news team sets off for Gavos to investigate the mine and collect Gormo the Hutt’s 100,000 credits.
  • Arriving in the Gavos system they hailed the mine, but got only an automated response claiming the mine was closed.
  • Investigations of the the living quarters of the mine revealed several dead miners and a few droids of limited AI who seemed to be unaware of causes of death.
  • Alerts sounded that one of the Storm Barrier Generators protecting the mine had failed. If five of the eight generators were to fail the mine would be destroyed.
  • A protocol droid ED-4K was found deactivated and fitted with a restraining bolt. Upon revival he seemed to know nothing, except that some of the other droids had been acting strangely.
  • More dead bodies were found in and near a Freighter located on a second landing pad.
  • The group encounters a seemingly frightened R2 unit that claims a “misunderstanding” and then runs off deeper into the facility.
  • A group of droid, organized by a Supervisor Droid EV-8D3, claim that pirates attacked and pursued the miners deeper into the mine itself. The droid urges the team to rescue the miners.
  • The team heads to a way-station in the mine, 1km underground. They discover the surviving miners who inform them that the droids rose up and killed everyone topside, trapping the survivors below. Two more Storm Barrier Generators have failed, destroyed by another droid revolutionary.
  • The team returns to the surface to stop the droids from destroying the mine.
  • A firefight with 6 repurposed battle droids, and two restraining bolt-enslaved PK droids ensues. The team defeats the droids and frees the two enslaved worker droids.
  • Pursuing EV-8D3 leads the team to take heavy injuries from an attack by two Binary Load Lifters. They narrowly escape back down into the mine. Both Task and Daro suffer severe and lasting wounds.
  • EV-8D3 and his accomplices R2-B7 and FX-769 escape on the stolen Freighter.
  • Returning to the surface the team find the Load Lifters inactive, no longer having orders given to them by EV-8D3.
  • A fourth Barrier Generator is destroyed.
  • The team rushes to stop the Droid saboteur, but are delayed by the ever-increasing storm winds.
  • Despite realizing that the Saboteur is acting under the influence of a restraining bolt, the team is short on time and can’t risk a rescue attempt. They opt to destroy the droid and the Cloud Car it pilots.
  • After negotiations with the miners, the team leaves the planets with 93,000 of the 100,000 credits owed to Gormo.
  • Gormo is less than pleased that the team has not brought his full payment, and that the mine was left in such a sorry state, but Claire is able to charm the old slug and he decides to reward the group with 9,300 credits for saving the mine from complete ruin.

Quote of the Week:
“This droid is either the dumbest droid I’ve ever seen, or the greatest actor in the galaxy”
“Chef attempts to serve soup to the corpses”
“I take a picture”

HoloNet Rumours & News: 34:10:20
All the news for the month of Welona
  • Famous Xenobiologist Captain Bahha claims to have discovered a new, giant species of Starwhale. He is looking for a crew to help him track the beast into the fringes of Wild Space.
  • Several terrorists connected to the terrorist organization calling themselves the “Alliance to Restore the Republic” failed in an attempt to bomb the Galactic Senate. The Imperial Security Bureau believes that members of the Senate may have aided the terrorist and have urged the Emperor to temporarily dissolve the Senate until the sympathizers can be identified.
  • Princess Leia and the Alderaanian Royal Family prepare to celebrate Winter Fete Week. They are planning a planet-wide celebration with a focus on the peace and prosperity of Alderaan’s citizens.
  • New scans of Froz, the Corellian Sector world punished for sedition against the Empire, might have revealed previously undiscovered subterranean structures uncovered by the volcanic activity on the surface.
  • The Megabear Hunt, one of Corfai’s most famous cultural events kicks off this month. Hundreds of Big Game Hunters will gather on the snowy world to track and hunt the elusive Megabears that prowl the northern glaciers of the planet. The bears can grow up to 2 stories in height and some claim their claws can cut throw 2 inch thick durasteel armour.
Episode VI: On the Trail of the Mega-Bear
or "The Gang Makes Enemies"
  • The News Team head to the icy planet of Corfai to cover and participate in the annual Mega-Bear hunt that takes place in the week leading up to the Winter Fete Festival.
  • They quickly learn the rules of the Hunt: you must publicly declare your entry at the Gathering Grounds, no repulsorlift craft may be used, you can only kill/claim one bear, and the biggest bear wins the big prize of 100,000 credits.
  • After getting outfitted with cold weather survival gear at Hel’s Outfitters in the city of Winterdome, the team heads North to the Hunt Gathering Grounds aka Basecamp and decide to look for a patron.
  • In order to secure a patron, and intimidate other contestants, the team prepares an elaborate declaration speech involving two Titanelk and a Mandalorian Saber-Cat, as well as claims that they will be riding their record breaking bear back into camp and the end of the week.
  • Daro and Claire meet with a lesser Count of the Corfai Noble Family: Wilem Threpe. Wilem has not yet secured a hunting team to sponsor, and was understandably impressed by their declaration performance. Daro dramatically refuses his patronage.
  • Drinking at a Cantina tent, on the magazine’s expense card, Jones is confronted by the previous year’s winner, a Rodian by the name of Naru. He escapes by smashing a bottle of Whyrren’s Reserve in her face and making a break for the door.
  • After a few more scuffles the Hunt begins. Task leads the team through the snow drifts tracking a particularly large set of tracks. Along the way they spot another team of hunters recovering hidden swoop bikes, but don’t seem to be noticed themselves.
  • During their first night of the Hunt, their camp is attacked by a group of Corfaian Ack Dogs. The dog like lizards nearly kill Daro, but the cries of his Camera Droid J95 or “Jay” brings help in the form of Kara and the Mandalorian Saber Cat.
  • Task defeats the rest of the pack, proving handier with a rifle than he is with a bola.
  • Claire is struck with an extreme fear of the Ack Dogs and tries to flee. Surprisingly, the dogs are dispatched before they can run her down and she escapes the harrowing encounter without a scratch.
Episode VII: The Cliffs of the MegaBear
Cliffhangers both literal and figurative!

Recovered from their fight with the Corfaiin Ack Dogs, the news team sets out once again on the trail of the giant MegaBear…

  • The team has to leave their animals behind, hidden in an ice cave, in order to scale an ice cliff in pursuit of the MegaBear
  • Daro has trouble making the climb and has to be hoisted up
  • A group of smaller MegaBears is spotted, but the team opts to leave them and continue pursuing the larger bear.
  • Task gets everyone lost.
  • The team realizes they are being followed by a pack of Corfaiin Spider-Foxes. They also discover that the six-legged mammals are quite delicious.
  • The team must cross a perilous ice bridge that spans a massive crevasse in the glacier. It has supported the weight of the MegaBear they are chasing, but looks like it could still crumble at any moment.
  • Kara, carrying a safety rope, successfully crosses the span.
  • Daro attempts to follow, loses his footing on the slick ice and topples over the edge pulling Kara over with him.
  • Kara manages, just barely, to slow their fall thanks to her anti-grav chute (a good Corellian is always prepared).
  • Jones manages to grab the rope briefly, causing them to swing to the side of the crevasse before it slips through his fingers.
  • Jones and Karas actions keep Kara and Daro from falling to their deaths in the unfathomable depths of the crevasse, instead landing on an outcropping 500 feet down.
  • Kara, in a stunning display of athleticism, climbs the wall of the crevasse, dragging the now unconscious Daro behind her.
  • The team finally crosses the bridge, though Jones and Daro must resort to crawling.
  • Task gets everyone lost, again.
  • Then he does it again.
  • More Spider-Foxes
  • Task finally leads the team to a copse of glacier trees where they find the MegaBear (standing well over 40 feet on its hind legs) they’ve been hunting. It is the final day of the hunt.
  • Daro uses Tasks reserve of fire-gel to herd the MegaBear towards the waiting hunters.
  • Gun fire, weapons malfunction, Kara and Jones meet the claws of the MegaBear, Task is briefly frozen by fear, and finally the MegaBear falls as Kara put it down.
  • The team has only moments to rest before they hear the sounds of repulsor engines and are ambushed by a gang of hunters led by the Rodian they tangled with at basecamp.

Achievements Gained
Kara Horn
Laugh It Up, Fuzzball!
Would Somebody Get This Big Walking Carpet Out of My Way?!

Jones Anaidni
Laugh It Up, Fuzzball!

Episode VIII: Revenge of the Mega-Bear
How to Get Vaporized in Twelve Easy Steps

The game begins with the News Team taking fire from another group of MegaBear hunters looking to steal their record-breaking kill…

  • Kara makes short work of a Gamorrean hunter, while the rest of the team takes cover behind the dead MegaBear.
  • Ronu, the Rodian behind the attack, has brought a Disruptor Rifle to the blaster pistol fight.
  • Daro decides the group shouldn’t lose their prize even if forced to retreat and hides their tracking beacon inside the bear… by way of the bear’s backdoor.
  • Jones cripples the speeder of Ronu’s Wookiee sidekick, forcing the Wookiee to dismount.
  • Enraged the wookiee charges, drawing his vibrosword and crippling Daro with it before being killed by Kara.
  • Task manages to stop Daro from bleeding out and get him on his feet as Ronu continues her assault.
  • A mysterious assassin, possibly the slaver-hunting Twi’Lek they had heard rumours of before, appears and attacks Ronu, chasing her off.
    *The Assassin picks up Ronu’s disruptor and makes her intentions of killing the group well known.
  • The News Team flees into the burning forest, Daro well in the lead.
  • The chase continues out onto the snowy flats of the glacier. Jones falls behind.
  • Daro, reaching a small canyon in the ice, sends Jay the Camera Droid back (without his memory card) to distract the Assassin and buy the others time to reach the canyon.
  • Jay is destroyed but the others reach the canyon and head in single file.
  • Daro waits for Jones, who is still lagging behind, but this allows the Assassin to get within shooting distance. Daro, already injured from the Wookiee’s attack, is unable to avoid the disruptor’s beam. He is vaporized instantly, only his camera and Jay’s Memory Card survive.
  • jones scoops these up and flees into the canyon.
  • When the News Team reaches the other side of the canyon they collapse an arch of ice above the canyon, hoping to trap the Assassin and escape across a nearby volcanic lake that has frozen over.
  • As they cross, an ill-times geyser of steam breaks the ice and causes Kara to fall through. Task and Jones pull her from the ice and near-boiling water before she is harmed, but this slows the team down.
    *The team reaches the opposite shore as the Assassin climbs free of the canyon.
  • From the shore, they are able to spot an ice mine down a steep hill from their position. Hoping to spring a trap on the Assassin, who has them outgunned, they flee towards the mine.
  • Using Task as bait, and Jones’ supply of glop grenades, the team sets a trap. Kara procures a mining walker as added fire power.
  • The trap is sprung, but Task is also caught in the quick-harding glop.
  • With the beam drills of the walker pointed at her head and Claire explaining that they are journalists and not slavers, the team is able to reason with the Assassin who simply walks away as soon as the glop dissolves.
  • The team pays a mine driver to take them back to the basecamp in the South and recover their pack-animals from the cave where they had been hidden.
  • When they arrive they find that Daro’s Bear Butt Beacon gambit has succeeded and they have won the grand prize of the hunt, and the 100,000 credits that it comes with.
  • They opt to keep the bear pelt to mount in the offices of the Holo-Magazine.
  • They stay on Corfai for the Winter-Fete-Week celebrations, where they are honoured guest. The celebrations are bittersweet due to the loss of their colleague.
  • Returning to their ship, Kara finds a package that appears to have come from the Assassin. A message from the Twi’lek explains that she is in their debt for the wrongful death of Daro.
  • The package also contains a small saber-kitten, which Kara names Daro Jr.

Character Deaths
Daro T’Lang – Age 29 – Death by Disintegration

Achievements Gained

I Can’t Shake Him!

Episode IX: The Corellian Shuffle
aka Two Funerals and a Family Affair

The News Team returns from their assignment on Corfai, bring the bad news of Daro’s death…

  • Upon arriving back at the Holo-Magazine offices, the team is introduced to the medical droid that has been hired to prevent further deaths: CB-83. Jones takes an immediate dislike.
  • The Team attends Daro’s funeral. Jones takes the death of his friend especially hard and gets black-out drunk.
  • The Editor-in-Chief needs the group to infiltrate the Black Sun group on the Rubicund Eye to collect intel for a story he is writing.
  • To gain the favour of the Black Sun, the News Team attempts the Corellian Shuffle, an in-system smuggling run designed to be a test for new recruits.
  • Despite a few minor astrogation hiccups, and trouble with pirates, the Team finishes the Shuffle with an impressive time gaining an audience with the Vigo on the Rubicund Eye.
  • Kara takes down a Pirate Starfighter by using the entire (disguised) News Van as a weapon.
  • Forced to leave their ship afloat in open space, the Team is delivered to the Rubicund Eye aboard a Black Sun freighter.
  • They have only the short freighter ride to the station to develop a plan to get Freya to a computer terminal where she can begin to slice her way to the information they need.

Achievements Gained



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