Star Wars Action News

Episode XIII: Wet and Wild in Mos Eisley

Ambushes & Ambushes & Ambushes & Ambushes

The News Team has decided to meet with Labria, the Devaronian information broker, at first twilight…

  • Labria leads them to an old water tower, where they are to have a meeting with Slag Flats.
  • Labria takes off as soon as he delivers the team to the tower.
  • Freya, Jones, CB, and Claire enter the tower, while Kara, Task, and Jaxa stand guard their landspeeder.
  • Inside the Team discovers several dead sentients and a very dead Slag Flats, killed by a poison dart just like Heff.
  • Before they can act, the doors to the silo building swing shut and magnetically seal.
  • A speeder full of Bounty Hunters roars away from the site. Kara gives chase.
  • Inside the silo, the situation goes from bad to worse as the roof hatch opens pouring in thousands of gallons of water.
  • Jones discovers the chamber is mag sealed by shooting the door.
  • Kara and Task make short work of the escaping Bounty Hunters, Task captures one using a Net Gun and Kara begins interrogating.
  • Inside the silo, the team opts to let the water fill the chamber and simply float themselves to the hatch in the roof.
  • After getting very little information out of the unhelpful Hunters, Kara opts to leave them tied up in the desert and return to help her friends.
  • Freya manages to blast a hole in the upper part of the silo and, after a series of stumbles and falling off a roof, finds the switch to open the lower door. CB and Jones surf to freedom.
  • The Team returns to Mos Eisley and the Inn as night falls on Tatooine.
  • The Innkeeper has a message for them from Old Arno, the last surviving Oldster. He wants to meet at Wuher’s Cantina ASAP.
  • Naturally, it’s a trap set up by Jodo Kast’s bounty hunters and Labria.
  • The News Team, seasoned by many rough months in the field, make short work of the Hunters, though their leader Puggles Todd escapes. Labria also manages to sneak away unharmed.
  • While the Team argues with Wuher over damages, Jodo Kast arrives to deliver a dart to Kara’s neck, injecting her with a deadly poison.
  • Freya, Jones, and Task pursue Kast out of the Cantina and through the streets of Mos Eisley. CB stays to treat, and ultimately save, Kara from the poison.
  • Kara immediately runs out of the Cantina and after the Bounty Hunter, leaving CB and Claire to deal with the angry owner and his demands.
  • Freya, Jones, and Task are waylaid by Puggles and a smoke-screecher grenade. Kara manages to wing the hunter with a single shot before he disappears into one of the larger Mos Eisley buildings.
  • While Jones is able to disable the screecher, a patrol of Imperial Stormtroopers arrives and cuts the team off from pursuing their prey.
  • All four retreat back to the cantina, leaving a reactivated screecher grenade and a smoke cloud between them and the Imperial Troops.
  • On her way back to the Cantina, Kara meets Old Arno who wishes to help the team find Commander Tallon, and avenge the deaths of his friends.
  • Arno leads the team to a hideout just outside of Mos Eisley, where they can safely spend the night.



Kara 2
CB-83 0
Task 0
Claire 1
Jones 1
Freya 1


Kara 1
CB-83 0
Task 2
Claire 0
Jones 0
Freya 0


You’ve Got a Dart in Your Neck!

Boring Conversation Anyways.

art by Simon Fetcher


spopp spopp

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