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Episode XV: Tusken Troubles

Yeah, flamethrowers suck...

h6. art by CarlosNCT

Last time on Star Wars Action News: The team was ambushed by a bounty hunter on rocket boots…

  • A firefight (literally) ensues.
  • Task and Freya end up on fire thanks to the bounty hunter Zardra’s flamethrower. Jones takes two blaster bolts to the chest.
  • CB saves Task, who then shoots one of Zardra’s rocket boots.
  • Kara nearly brings down the Bounty Hunter, who manages to use her remaining rocket boot to escape.
  • A severely injured Jones is left in the Bacta Tank while the rest of the team continues their search for Tallon.
  • They find Lank’s Farm nearly destroyed by a recent attack, the only survivor a young girl who describes the attacker as a silver droid.
  • Old Arno decides to take the girl back to Oasis where the monks can give her food, shelter, and care.
  • The team sets out for their last stop, the Tusken Fort, where they will hopefully find Tallon and the key to tracking down Captain Bahha.
  • Along the way they find a group of massacred bounty hunters, a lone survivor claiming Tallon was responsible.
  • Near the entrance to the canyon leading to the fort, they find a cairn of dead bounty hunters left by Sand People.
  • In the canyon, they are met by a stampede of Bantha.
  • Kara still uncertain of herself after her injuries, manages to find her old Corellian piloting bravado and fly safely through the stampede.
  • Task jumps onto the lead bantha, which has a dead bounty hunter strung around its neck, and calm the herd.
  • Suddenly, the team is under attack by Sand People, but quick shooting and an exploding rifle manage to scare them off.
  • At the end of the canyon the team discovers the Fort Tusken and begins to decide how they will make their approach.



Kara 1
CB-83 2
Task 3
Claire 1
Jones 0
Freya 7


Kara 1
CB-83 0
Task 0
Claire 0
Jones 0
Freya 0

Combat Revivals Performed

Kara 0
CB-83 2
Task 0
Claire 0
Jones 0
Freya 0


More Powerful Than You Can Possibly Imagine


They call me… Beastmaster. CA-CAW!
He’s Heating Up!

He’s Heating Up!
Millions of Voices Cried Out and Were Suddenly Silenced


spopp spopp

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