Star Wars Action News

Episode XVI: Escape from Tatooine

The Last Ride of Task'obil'meagho


The Team has finally found the very-not-dead Commander Tallon hiding in a Tusken Fort on Tatooine…

  • After quickly clearing up a case of mistaken identity, the team (rejoined by a rejuvenated Jones) agree to help Tallon and his wife escape Tatooine.
  • In return, Tallon will lead them to the location of his old friend, Captain Bahha
  • Before that can happen, Quist betrays Tallon and opens Fort Tusken’s gate to Jodo Kast and his bounty hunters.
  • Task kills Quist for his betrayal. Tallon’s mercenaries join the Team to battle the Bounty Hunters.
  • Tallon and his wife escape into a secret tunnel, Claire follows them.
  • When the tide turns against him, Kast drops a thermal detonator and jet packs away from the fort.
  • Kast and Tallon’s men are all killed by the fiery blast. Jaxa, at the centre of explosion meets her doom.
  • Task already injured from the battle with Zardra is critically wounded by the detonator.
  • Kara dives into the secret tunnel in an attempt to avoid the blast. Though she is mostly shielded, one of her legs is utterly disintegrated.
  • Despite his best efforts CB-83 is unable to save Task, who asks with his dying breath if Jaxa, his new love, had survived.
  • Jones lies, and tells him yes, Task asks Jones to give her his credit chip so she will be taken care of.
  • The battered News Team meets Tallon in his secret hanger, where they escape in a speeder and starfighter, respectively, planning to meet in Mos Eisley where they can escape on the Team’s ship.
  • Kara, fighting through the pain of her lost leg, pilots the speeder.
  • Nearing Mos Eisley, the Team is attacked by the droid bounty hunter who decimated Lank’s Farm.
  • CB tries to throw Task’s pup-tent at the droid.
  • Kara slams on the breaks, causing the droid to shoot past them, then unleashes a display of quick-shooting that leaves the bounty hunter in pieces.
  • Before the Team can reach Mos Eisley, Kara is struck by the incredibly disorienting feeling that millions of voices had cried out at once and were suddenly silenced. She tries in vain to keep this to herself.
  • Claire and Jones are able to bluff their way past the new Stormtrooper patrols, and the team gets to their ship.
  • Ignoring the Imperial lock-down, the Team takes off, heading to a new rendezvous spot with Tallon in the Dune Sea.
  • After picking up Tallon and his wife, the Team fends off a few TIE fighters and escapes into hyperspace to Rodia.
  • On Rodia, the team seeks medical treatment, new limbs, and a brief moment of rest before leaving to seek out Bahha.
  • They find Bahha in Wild Space, amid a field of comets, following a herd of giant, ivory space-whales.
  • Kara is concerned to discover that she can hear the space-whales singing, a feat that Bahha comments only the force-sensitive member of his crew is able to accomplish.
  • Freya, searching the holonet for any information about their old editor-in-chief or an imperial bounty on their heads, discovers that peaceful Alderaan has been destroyed by a massive battle station.
  • Kara wonders if this was what she felt on Tatooine.
  • A funeral is held for Task. He is buried amongst the comets.



Kara 5
CB-83 0
Task 1
Claire 0
Jones 1
Freya 1


Kara 0
CB-83 0
Task 0
Claire 0
Jones 0
Freya 0

Combat Revivals Performed

Kara 0
CB-83 1
Task 0
Claire 0
Jones 1
Freya 0


Our Shields Can’t Repel Firepower of That Magnitude!

I Can’t Shake Him!


spopp spopp

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