Bail Ventress

Bail is the son of former Coruscanti Senator Ievan Ventress. His family belonged to a secret Dark Side sect with the intent of destabilizing the galaxy. Since he could walk he was trained to kill, to hunt Jedi like prey, and that the Dark Side was the true path to glory. His father brought Bail and his older brother Cane on several hunting trips and even gifted Bail with a broken lightsaber from a fallen Jedi, an act that angered his brother.

When he was sent off to Mrlsst to learn the ways of politics at the most prestigious University in the Core Worlds, Bail met Kaeti Marhu, a girl with views wildly differing from those of his family. Bail fell in love with the kind-hearted Kaeti and decided that his family’s teachings were wrong.

He returned from Mrlsst to confront his father, declaring that he was leaving the family. Angered, Ievan attacked Bail but his mother leaped infront of the attack, her love for her son overcoming her dedication to the dark side. She was struck down by Ievan. In his defence Bail reached for the only weapon he had, the broken lightsaber hanging on his belt. The saber, not really broken but containing a Solari Crystal and therefor only usable by those who stand in the light side of the Force, ignited and caught Ievan by surprise giving Bail the opening he needed to defeat his father and escape.

The death of Ievan was witnessed by Bail;’s brother, Cane, who began to chase down Bail, tracking him back to Mrlsst. There Bail was attempting to disappear with Kaeti. He had instead doomed the love of his life as Cane arrived and killed the girl in a bid to inflict as much pain on Bail as possible. Bail once again managed to escape his brother and wracked with grief he went into hiding on Tatooine.

It was on the desert world where he met the Crew of The Thermal Charge. With his brother once again pursuing him, Bail frantically searched for a ship that could take him off-planet. With another narrow escape, Bail and the Crew left Cane behind on Tatooine. Bail became a part of the crew and with their help he managed to clear his name and convince the Republic Courts that he was acting in self-defense against his father. He refused however to implicate his brother, an act of mercy that only served to further anger his dark-side blinded sibling.

Bail continued to act as co-pilot of the Thermal Charge until a mission led the crew to Callos. There they were once again ambushed by Cane and Bail attacked his brother buying time for the rest of the outmatched crew to escape. Bail, unable to defeat his older brother was forced to flee on his own. His current whereabouts are unknown.

Bail Ventress

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